Placement Locations

Maximus Media provides hospital systems and physicians with cutting edge technology in order to build strong patient relationships — at ZERO cost to the venue. With an emphasis on customer service, integrity, and professionalism, our Smarter LifeStyle Network™ offers a truly unique solution to help healthcare providers increase patient satisfaction, cross-promote their services, and educate at the point of care.

Key Benefits to Health Systems
  • Educate and inform your patients about staff, practices, procedures, or community initiatives
  • Inform and entertain patients with our engaging programming, Smarter LifeStyle Network™
  • Customize the programming wheel with content provided by your health system for system wide marketing opportunities.
  • Increase revenues by marketing your high margin procedures
  • Decrease perceived wait times with interactive tablets that provide true engagement instead of embarrassing network TV
  • Local content is provided for each DMA. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle content from national experts is HIPAA compliant without privacy issues
  • NO COST for equipment, installation, updates, or maintenance.

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