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The opportunity for an exclusive channel to exert real influence at a critical time and place is here. Maximus Media Worldwide has leveraged decades of "out-of-home" advertising experience along with the latest in touch-screen technology to create an unparalleled interactive media offering. Out-of-home broadcast networks have consistently proven to be a very effective, advertising medium. According to studies by Arbitron, Nielson, and other market research companies, digitally delivered alternative media has been shown to have a substantially higher recall rate than that of traditional media, such as print, radio, television, and static billboards. Smarter LifeStyle Network™ delivers content to close to 2MM patients per month and is growing every day!

Key Features and Benefits
  • Reach a captive audience in trusted “Out-of-home” venues
  • Traditional television network with true interactivity on 9 inch touch screens and 32” or larger television monitors
  • Average of 45% click through rates
  • Flexibility of national or regional media buys
  • Hyperlocal content customization
  • Traditional :15, :30 and :60 spots
  • Content refreshed daily. health news, healthcare reform, diagnosis based content, fitness, diet, exercise, beauty, aging, travel, weather, traffic and news
  • New programming wheel every two weeks
  • Content segment sponsorships
  • Interactive banner and skyscraper ads
  • Remote management of your ad campaigns
  • Data capture and ability to see complete ad metrics
  • Coupons, contest and on site promotions
  • Full accountability
  • IP addressability

Schedule a demo today to learn more about placing Smarter LifeStyle Network in your facility or exploring sponsorship opportunities.

“I had the pleasure of working with the Maximus Media team on a recent advertising project. Their knowledge of the OBGYN space and expertise in what it takes to get results proved successful as we watched our web traffic hits, inquiries about our product, and product "buzz" increase.

The team consistently provided feedback throughout the life of our project allowing us to make adjustments as necessary to ensure the success of our campaign. I would recommend the team for anyone who is interested in direct, out of the box advertising to a highly targeted and captive audience.”

- Whitney Thompson,
Product Manager, NeoMatrix

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